Offshore Aviation OA-8

US ARMY OA-8B  DRAGON with Routescene LidarPod.

Offshore Aviation is a leader in UAV development. Our multi-rotor design aircraft include the: OA-6, OA-8, OA-8A, and OA-8B which are certified and flying commercial missions in the United States. Our aircraft have been designed for commercial applications from survey to motion picture production to LiDAR survey applications.

US ARMY OA-4 SPIRIT with 3D mapping camera.

Offshore Aviation OA-8.

Offshore Aviation OA-6

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Offshore Aviation Announces Formation of Commercial Training Solutions Division 

– Move Creates Aviation Training Business to Address Global UAV Market –

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 20, 2018 --  Offshore Aviation announced today, a contract to build the OA-8B Dragon for the US Army. The contract, which is part of the Training sector within OffshoreUAS, has been created to support the training of the US Army multi-rotor LiDAR training program in FY19.

“Offshore now offers a seamless, one-stop shop that provides customized and affordable solutions to the US Army Corps of Engineers,” said Robert Hicks, CEO of Offshore Aviation LLC. “Given the need for standardized training at all proficiency levels, we are now optimally positioned with our technical expertise, training center, and leading innovative products and capabilities, to hopefully provide training to all districts within the US Army Corps of Engineers.”

Offshore Aviation's training division has been specifically created to meet current and emerging market requirements and drive continued efficiencies. It has a global offering that spans the complete spectrum of Commercial UAV Aviation Training, with services that encompass basic, intermediate, and advanced UAV flight  training, resourcing and commercial UAV training  – all supported by high-technology simulation products and Full Flight Simulators.

Offshore Aviation has been collaborating with the Seafarers International Union since June of  2015. This dynamic team effort resulted in the successful establishment of a training facility in Piney Point Maryland. It also yielded a highly successful partnership with the Harry Lundberg Center to provide a Maritime training and instructional capability.

Headquartered in Maryland, Offshore is a leading provider of a broad range of UAV services. Offshore is also partners with Routescene LTD, a global provider of LiDAR survey equipment. 

To learn more about Offshore Aviation, please visit the company’s websites at The Offshore Group of Companies uses its website as a channel of distribution of material company information. 

Offshore supports training and development of unmanned aerial systems that have been deployed in a variety of uses: UAVs for LiDAR survey, aerial photography, and non-traditional reconnaissance are a few of the missions that our commercial UAVs training curriculum supports.

Offshore Aviation OA-6.