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Offshore Aviation Announces Creation of UAS Training Center

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- January 20, 2016 --  Offshore Aviation announced today, it has entered into a partnership with the Seafarers International Union and the US Navy to create a training center for Unmanned Systems to support Department of Defense Training activities.

Offshore Aviation's training division has been created to meet current and emerging market requirements and create efficiencies in support of DoD objectives. The global offering spans the complete spectrum of Unmanned Aviation and Surface vessel Training, with services that encompass basic, intermediate, and advanced UAV flight training, resourcing and logistics support   – including high-technology simulation products and Full Simulators.

Offshore Aviation has been collaborating with the Seafarers International Union since June of  2015. This dynamic team effort resulted in the successful establishment of a training facility in Piney Point Maryland. It also yielded a highly successful partnership with the Harry Lundberg Center to provide USCG certified training and instructional capability.

Headquartered in Maryland, Offshore Aviation is a leading provider of a broad range of Aviation and Maritime services. 

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