Who do we protect? - Your team, your mission.

The OAG team operates remote laboratories. Our first site is at Piney Point and onboard commercial vessels. This includes attaining appropriate National and State certifications to perform the Accula™ SARS-Cov-2 in vitro diagnostic test under a CLIA certificate of waiver.  We have developing approved protocols and SOP’s in conjunction with training and testing of staff to approved standards and CDC reporting requirements.  

COVID-19 is still a threat to operations and OAG is keeping COVID-19 off facilities and vessels with the OAG COVID-19 GATEKEEPER PROGRAM.

OAG-LABS is a CLIA approved to provide rapid COVID-19 PCR screening. Along with our partner Thermo Fisher Scientific and Mesa Biotech, OAG deploys PCR testing equipment and medical personnel aboard ship and at facilities requiring screening. OAG's equipment is  portable and produces results in 30 minutes.

This capability allows OAG to screen members of a vessel crew and determine if they are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID 19 before they gain entrance. COVID testing aboard ship is important because confined spaces can lead to wide spread COVID 19 infection.

Let OAG help your organization keep SARS CoV-2 at the gate where it belongs. Contact us today for more information on our COVID screening program and learn how you can team with OAG to fight the war on COVID-19.